Teflon Tape
Premium Grade Duct Tape
Electrical Tape
Scrubs in a Bucket
Copper Fitting Brushes
Teflon Tape
  • Chemical Properities:
    Min. of 99% Polytrafluoroethelene
  • Thickness:
    .0035”, +0.001 or -0.0005”
  • Elongation:
    Min. of 50% (most of times it far exceeds)
  • Width:
    Nominal width +0.02, -0.02
  • Length:
    Nominal length + 20”, -0”
  • Density:
    -0.35 to 0.40
  • Incompatibility:
    Avoid using on Moten Alkali, certain Halogen products & Flourine at high temperatures and pressures
  • Temperature:
    When heated to over 260 degrees Centigrade, it will thermally degrade and decompose and produce toxic fumes.
  • Government standard:
    Meets military specification T-27730a
  • Usage:
    To be used on all types of threaded fittings for passage of water; potable and non-potable, most chemicals, oxygen, gas, hydraulic and high pressure lines.

Premium Grade Duct Tape

100 MPH Tape
  • Waterproof
  • Polyethylene coated cloth backed tape
  • Provides high tack and quick grab
  • Meets U.L. No. 723 specifications
  • Each roll individually shrink wrapped

Electrical Tape

  • 7 mil vinyl.
  • UL approved.

Scrubs in a Bucket

Truly portable Scrubs in a Bucket® provide, fast, easy and effective hand cleaning. Can be used anywhere, anyplace, anytime on the toughest soils, greases, tar, etc. Each dispensing canister contains 10-1/2” x 12-1/4” perforated absorbent cleaning towels. Contaning a germ-fighting chemical known as Triclosan. No rinsing, no drying, no residue. Also can be used for cleaning tools and spills. On-the-spot hand cleaning when there is no sink around.

Copper Fitting Brushes
  • Extra thick mass of steel wire insures perfect cleaning job with minimum effort.
  • Twisted wire handle - for copper fittings.
  • Carbon steel brush
  • Sold in boxes of 12 only