D.O.T. Push-In Tube Fittings

Benefits for Cost Savings & Engineering Project

  • Fast assembly:
    No tools required. Simply push tubing in. Saves up to 75% of assembly time compared to standard air compression fittings. No loose parts to handle.
  • Fast disconnect:
    Hold the collet collar with two fingers and pull out tube. No tools required.
  • Reusable:
    Can be connected and disconnected several times.
  • Reliable sealing:
    Using recommended tubing, full sealing is guaranteed.
  • Versatility:
    Buna N O'ring standard. Viton and others available per request. Secure Tube Retention. Pulling on tubing only serves to tighten the connection.
  • Pre-Applied Teflon®
    based pipe sealant on all male pipe threads, saving customer additional labor.
  • Full Flow Design,
    provides more flow area than conventional fittings with internal tube supports even in the swivels.
  • Materials:
    CA360 Brass"O" Ring: Buna - Nitrile (90 Durometer)
    EP (Ethylene Propylene)
  • Working Pressures & Temperature Ranges
    Vacuum to 750 PSI -40° to 200° F
  • Ordering Options
    The following options are available only by customer request and may be subject to minimum run quantities for ordering.
    1. Viton "O" Ring seals
    2. Electroless Nickel Plating
    3. Metric DQ Dot "One-Push" tube fittings with BSPT threads
    4. Manifolds with DQ DOT One Push Cartridges.