Flareless Brass Tube Fittings are Interchangeable with
Poly-Flo®, Poly-Tite®, Poly-Line® and Poly-Fit®
  • Typical Application

  • Pneumatic instrumentation circuits, lubricant and cooling lines.
  • Working Pressure and Temperature Ranges
    Up to 150 PSI from 0° to + 150°F with thermoplastic tubing. Up to 300 PSI from 0° to + 175°F with soft metal tubing
  • Maximum allowable metal tube wall thickness for use with Poly-Tite fittings:
    1/8", 3/16" O.D. --no limitation,
    1/4" O.D.--.035 5/16", 3/8",1/2" O.D.--.049
  • Vibration
    Excellent Resistance.
  • Temperature Range

  • Depends on tubing used. -65°F to +250°F
    (-53°C to +121°C) with brass sleeve, -40°F to +150°F (-40°C to +66°C) with plastic sleeve. (Refer to tubing temperature range.)
  • Material

  • CA360 Brass body, plastic, or brass sleeve.
  • Used With

  • Aluminum, copper and hard plastic tubing requires brass sleeve. Not recommended for steel tubing.
  • Tolerance

  • +/- .02 on all dimensions. Dimension Data can change without notice. Please contact us when dimensions are critical.
  • Advantages
    No flaring of tubing required. Easy installation, captive sleeve, pre-assembled for installation and can be reassembled. Nuts rotate around the sleeve during tightening, preventing twisting of tubing.
Assembly Instructions
  1. Cut tubing to desired length.
  2. Slide nut/sleeve assembly on tube. Threaded end of nut must face toward fitting.
  3. Bottom tubing into fitting.
  4. Plastic sleeve - Tighten nut hand tight.
    Brass Sleeve - Tighten nut hand tight, then additional 3/4 turn.