Needle Valves

Flow Control Needle & Check Valves
Screw Stem Shut-Off Valves
Micro-Metering Valves

  • Made with either pin handle or pressed on handle.

Please specify if you have a preference.
  • Used on instrumentation, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.
  • Designed for a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI.
  • Provided with steel handles and metal-to-metal seats with fine-thread screwdown.
  • Not designed for natural gas, LPG, nuclear or aircraft applications.
  • Always install with pressure against the seat.

Flow Control Needle & Check Valves
  • Precision calibrated, dial to determine and allow a return to required flow settings
  • Safe positive stop for needle travel
  • positive no-leak stem seal
  • 2PSI check cracking pressure
  • 1000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • One piece forged housing
  • Nickel Plated available
  • Suitable for natural gas

Screw Stem Shut-Off Valves

NEEDLE VALVES are constructed to meter fluids and gases. They are O-RING SEALED to eliminate valve maintenance. The O-ring is postitioned between the actuating threads and the seat, and seals the closely fitted cylinder to give the lowest possible internal volume and protect threads from contamination.

NEEDLE VALVES have a medium tipped stem (37°) to offer RAPID SHUT OFF, FULL FLOW and a SEMI-METERING FUNCTION.
The standard construction is a forged brass body, brass stem, thrust washer, cap and a BUNA “N” ‘O’ - RING seal. This valve is rated for 1,000 p.s.i.g. service from -40° to 250° F.

*Factory must be consulted when valves are to be used with flammable fluids in order to determine working pressure and o-ring compatability.

Note:Compression and flare ends can be substituted for pipe ends in most cases.

Special Versions
Many special versions of these valves have been produced for other services. If your application is not described here or covered by our recommendations, please contact us. It is quite possible that one of these valve types can be economically adapted to your requirements.


Micro-Metering Valves

VALVES offer PRECISE FLUID CONTROL through a full metering tip (5°) and lubricated micrometer threads. Our O-ring seal arrangement eliminates contamination of system media by the thread lubricant.

The standard constuction is forged brass body, brass stem and cap, a CELCON* thrust bearing and a BUNA “N” ‘O’-RING seal. It is rated for 3,500 p.s.i.g. service from -40° to 150° F.

Special Versions
Many variations and modifications have been made in these valves to accomodate customer applications. It is quite possible they can be economically adapted to your requirements.

  • Compression and flare ends can be substituted for pipe ends in most cases.
  • Some valves only available on made-to-order basis.
*Dimension data can change without notice. Please call us when dimensions are critical.