Specialty Valves

NON-LUBRICATED PLUG VALVES are designed to operate in systems where INSTANTANEOUS PORT SELECTION is desired. Since LUBRICANTS ARE NOT USED, relubrication is not required. There is no lubricant to freeze and lock the valve or to contaminate fine fluids. The O-RING SEALED CAP and STEM eliminate leakage to atmosphere. The mating BRASS BODY and CELCON PLUG produce a fine seal that WILL NOT SEIZE OR GALL.

Designed for PANEL or BRACKET MOUNTING. They are generally recommended for operation in GASOLINE, OIL, AIR, WATER and DETERGENT systems from minus 400 to 1800F, at a maximum operating pressure of 30 p.s.i.g. The fluid port size is 9/32 (.281) diameter for 1/8 and 1/4 sizes, 5/16 (.312) diameter for the 3/8 size. (Consult factory for applications requiring a higher pressure)