Steel Pipe Swivels

Assembly Instructions

  1. Inspect male pipe fitting connecting to swivel and confirm that it has an internal 30-degree chamfer.
    Do not install into union if chamfer is missing.
  2. Lubricate the threads and the entire chamfered area of male fitting with hydraulic fluid or other light weight lubricant.
  3. Install lubricated pipe fitting into swivel nut and turn nut until finger tight.
  4. Place wrench on hex of male fitting to prevent male fitting from turning, and torque swivel nut to the values in the following table.

    Caution: When torquing swivel nut on straight swivel union fittings, it may be necessary to also place a wrench on the fitting wrench pad to prevent the fitting from backing out of its port while torquing the swivel nut.

Dash Size
NPSM Thread Size
Torque Foot/LBS
1-11 1/2
1 1/4-11 1/2
1 1/2-11 1/2
2-11 1/2

Alternate Assembly Method
  1. If torque method not possible, follow steps 1-3 above, then proceed to the steps below.
  2. Place wrench on hex of male pipe fitting and consider this wrench in the 12 O’clock position.
  3. Lightly wrench tighten the swivel union nut so that the wrench is as near the 3 O’clock position as possible.
  4. Rotate wrench in 3 O’clock position counterclockwise to no less than the 1 O’clock position, but no more than the 12 O’clock position.
Why Wet Torque?

Due to the difference in plating types and thickness, materials, and thread quality of different components, the coefficient of friction varies greatly on any given assembly. Lubrication not only produces a more consistent coefficient of friction, it increases clamping force on sealing area with less torque on the threads. Overtightening causes threads to yield, deform and lose their ability to maintain an adequate load or clamping force on the seating area. Extended operation and severe conditions cause further yielding which results in leaks. Overtightening is the single greatest cause for leaks in metal to metal seat hydraulic connections. It is our firm position, that to not wet torque, is to compromise consistency and quality for convenience.