Polyethylene Tubing
Flexible Nylon 11 Tubing
PVC Tubing
Tubing Accessories
Polyethylene Tubing
  • Economical
  • Flexible
  • Low Pressure & Temperature
  • Low density polyethylene tubing has a wide range of uses including water lines, beverage tubing, air lines, instrumentation, plus uses in industrial, agricultural, and chemical applications.
  • Has good resistance to alkalies, dilute acid, ammonia gas, ammonium hydroxide, brine water, and most aqueous solutions of metallic salts.
  • Food Grade
  • Temperature: -40F° to 135°F
  • Natural - ASTM D-1248-8f - Type 1 - Class A - Category 4, Colors are class B.
  • 100’ coils in Boxes.

Flexible Nylon 11 Tubing
  • High Burst
  • Resilient
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Lubrication systems, instrumentation lines, fuel lines, refrigerant lines, Vacuum applications, food processing.
  • Low moisture absorbtion, Good mechanical properities, and excellent electrical properities.
  • Temperature range -10°F to 225 F°
  • Has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including oils, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, salt solutions, and bases.
  • 1000lb min. burst P.S.I.
  • For DOT tubing see air brake section

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Tubing

FDA recipe, NSF approved, Grade A

  • Clear, flexible PVC tubing is suitable for use in low pressure applications including drain lines, laboratory tubing, industrial, chemical, agricultural, and food and beverage applications.
  • Has good chemical resistance to alkalies, ammonium compounds, brine, and some acids and alcohols.
  • Sanctioned by the FDA for food packaging applications.
  • Temperature Range: -5°F to 125°F
  • 100 Foot coils in Boxes.

Tubing Accessories

  • Route and secure multiple tubing lines
  • Mounting versatility
  • Racks can be easily hand seperated down to single holders.
  • Thru holes provided (all sizes)
  • Standard color is BLACK. Other colors available on special request.
Note: Mounting screws not provided